Brief recap of events

Group 1: Heroes of the Clanwealds

The band of Arthwyndar’s men, along with a few adventurers from other clans having escaped Shantinn find themselves in the mountains between the Red Hand territories and Shantinn along a sanctioned trade route between the two peoples. There they smashed a Red Hand garrison that watched over the pass and encountered a band of men wearing the symbol of the Shantinnian guard one of whom they recognized; Coh-nu of the Brazen Fire clan.

Is the Silverfinn Mine a key component of the troubles in the Clanwealds, or is it merely a distraction when the real fight is at home in Whitecrest? Will a Canori of true worth ever again sit in the Halls of Hillhaven? What precisely is the Shantinnian King’s role in all of this? Will the Black Stags and Tinhammer’s arrive in time to protect Whitecrest from the legions of the false Canori, Zane? Surely there must be one wise enough to provide clarity in these matters before time runs out.

Group 2: Champions of Tormandir

The weathered soldiers of the 4th legion having returned from their strange journeys abroad to Tormandir were sent by the King to quell a Fey rebellion in the west which they discovered had been orchestrated by Chulchunnad, the elf who had aided in the taking of Fort Nostlaug a few weeks earlier. After an initially terse meeting Chulchunnad explained his intention to capture Orlan Cale, the son of Lord Elwyn Cale of Rivercross. It is Chulchunnad’s hope that he can use the son to force Elwyn Cale to hand over the control of the city back to the Fey, or the King directly. Working alongside Chulchunnad and his Wreathguard they manage to capture the lordling before he harmed himself.

Can the Kings forces from Forgehammer protect the realm from the steady advance of the 7th legion from the west, and why is this insurgency of such importance in the Kings eyes when the 7th legion pose such a larger threat? Did Balasar throw himself to the dragon, Korithrax or did he slip away to save his own hide? When will the reckoning of Katriana be at hand, and what mysteries died with Sir Alister Courdane?


The world seems disquiet and a tension is mounting, like the eve before a terrible storm. Beasts are scarce, and have taken to hiding in their dens even during the days which seem to be turning darker by the hour. The world waits with baited breath for whatever will come next.



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