Group 1 Session 1

A stolen Pitcher, a borrowed Wagon

The time for the Clansmeet has arrived.

Players serving Arthwyndar Clan leader of the Swift Wing Clan and the Canori of the Clanwealds. They are tasked with keeping the peace. In the afternoon they happen across a boy fleeing a pack of wolves across a field. Once the heroes finish with the wolves they corner the child to learn more of what transpired in the wood. The child is evasive, and his clever lies prevent the heroes from learning the truth, it is not until an old man arrives, walking briskly from the wood towards them that they find that the child has stolen a silver pitcher from the druids grove. They return the pitcher to the druid who introduces himself as Rylourn and leaves. Stanley pursues to get information for a book and Rylourn promises to meet him at Hillhaven during the Winter Solstice.

Moments later Arthwyndar finds the party and informs them that gnolls were spotted south of Hillhaven past Peddlers Bridge. The party, disguised as a drunken band of travelers borrow a wagon from a Coh-nu and head down to where the gnolls were spotted. The gnolls take the bait and attack, only to meet a swift end. Alek finds tracks leading into the hills that may lead to more gnolls.

The party uncovers a +1 Challenge Seeking Longsword (AV2) named “Fangmeet” and a pair of Burglars Gloves +1 (PHB) along with 12 ears fit for returning for a bounty. 10 gold per ear.

So far Cutie-pie is unharmed.



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