Group 1 Session 2

Poison, poison everywhere...

Following the tracks left presumably by the gnolls the party found a cavern hidden in a valley not but an hours hike from the road. Inside they encountered many gnolls who protected the cave with their lives. Unfortunately not even two dozen gnolls were enough to keep the adventurers outside. The party forced their way to the center where they found a swift-running underground stream clogged with dozens of corpses. They also found a wretched poison brewing in a cauldron over a fire. Cornelious swiped a sample before the party poured it outside. Sprocket made it a point of moving each of the bodies out of the stream so that they might not pollute the water any further.

The party also found a note in Abyssal which they brought back to Ardwynthar. Apparently it was a letter from the Red Fists demanding some sort of service under threat of death or exposure of the gnolls operations to the Clanwealds. The Red Fists have yet to arrive at the Clansmeet this year, and Ardywnthar made it clear that they will have much to answer for.


Take that you smelly gnolls!

Group 1 Session 2

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