Group 1 Session 3

Arthwyndars Fall

It was Corin who was concerned first with Arthwyndars disappearance. After summoning the party to him he sent them off to locate Arthwyndar’s place of respite outside of Hillhaven. Along the way their journey was interrupted by a pair of drow sword-maidens and a pair of orcish rogues who were dealt with quickly before reaching Arthwyndars camp. Sprocket, Cornelious, Stanley and Prunella explained that they thought that bringing the treason of the Red Fists up before the Clansmeet might be problematic.

Arthwyndar grudgingly agreed to allow them to investigate the Red Fists. Unfortunately the party never got the chance as the Red Fists had arrived back in Hillhaven hours before they did. Zane made it known that he had arrived to ArthwyndarArthwyndar and inquired as to when the Clansmeet was set to occur and was informed that now that the Red Fists had arrived, things would begin shortly. Prunella has a strange revelation, that the Red Fists have a larger presence than any of the other clans.

Cornelious and Stanley spoke with a few Red Fists and determined that their caravan was attacked by gnolls. Naxus sought to collect bounties on what appeared to be the ears of gnollish younglings. Meanwhile PrunellaPrunella and Sprocket spoke with Corin. He explained that the Red Fists had arrived less than an hour after the party was dispatched to locate the Canori and that they apparently had been attacked by Gnolls. Corin relayed that he wished that Arthwyndar had agreed to meet them in the field.

Later that night the Clansmeet is held, and all the clanlords are represented. ArthwyndarArthwyndar begins with introductions, but is quickly cut off by a biting accusation from Zane that the Canori had failed to protect the Clansmeet which was clearly evident due to his Red Fists being attacked en route. Arthwyndar looks for support for his claim of coercing with gnolls to destroy the Clanwealds but little mercy is found among the other Clanlords who seem to believe this is some ruse used to cover Zanes accusation. Arthwyndar, eventually realizing he is bereft of evidence for his claims agreed to duel Zane for leadership of the Clanwealds in the arena.

The arena battle is intense, but in the end even though the party bravely met and defied each of Zanes bodyguards, Zane himself managed to puncture the armor ofArthwyndarshauberk with some strange device, killing him instantly. The party is left to deal with the consequences of crossing Zane, the new Canori of the Clanwealds.


I’m totally going to steal that “strange device” from Zane and then Tumble away!

Group 1 Session 3

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