Group 1 Session 9

Holdout at Drellans Tower

The party arrived after a half days march in the Lowlands west of Whitecrest. Here they found Drellans Tower, a crumbling, abandoned guard station of some ancient kingdom. They also found a gnome resting here from his trip from Farfield. Not long after the initial exchange of pleasantries, a pack of gnolls howl their challenge as they near the tower. Using what limites resources they have at hand the party blocks off a major approach to the tower, there they fight a large pack of gnolls, killing each of them after a long and bloody assault.

After taking a short break the party decided to head further along their way, only to be stymied by a mysterious half elf who seemed to be frightened of a woman in a house nearby. A woman who allegedly stole her brother and child away. The woman fled deeper into the woods when questioned further.

After making camp, Cornelious voiced his concern that the woman may have been telling the truth, and that by waiting for dawn that someone could be harmed. Something they could perhaps avert. Stanely seemed not to care and let Cornelious and Kaze go scout on their own, though they returned soon thereafter with news of a peculiar whispering that seemed to echo throughout the woods, or their minds. The cabin itself was apparently empty.



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