Group 2 Session 1

A Dusty March

The party arrives from Leneasa with other members of the 4th legion in order to reinforce the 2nd legion garrison at Hostshield. After arriving they are delivered a brief speech from Ser Alister Courdane, who then dismisses them to rest and eat. Unfortunately the party stumbled into a bit of trouble in the tavern, but managed to square it away and look good in front of Ser Alister to boot.

Ser Alisterthen sent them on a mission with a dozen or so other groups under the cover of darkness to root out the orcs spying in the hills about the Hostshield. After a treacherous climb in the rocky hills outside of the city the party found the cavern they were directed towards. Inside they stumbled across a trap and a few groups of orcs. They cleared out the entirety of the cavern before returning to town where they were congratulated and sent to get some rest before the day ahead.



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