Group 2 Session 2

The Westerclans Assault

The party is awoken at an early hour to help complete preparations for battle within the Hostshield. Lieutenant Katrianais quick to put them to work. After a few hours of difficult labor with a magewright a good portion of the western wall is repaired and should be servicable once more. Good thing too.

Dinner is a sober affair with little rejoicing at the thought of the incoming horde. After, Ser Alister Courdane delivers a rousing speech that seems to restore vitality to the army, who drink and make merry with what time they have before the battle.

As the light of day begins to fade, and the sky darkens with clouds the horns of the orckin army can be heard. First waves of orcs run at the walls with ladders and climb over, only to be struck down and slain by the party. An arcane ballista lends much assistance during this phase, keeping the enemy archers under heavy fire.

The third wave contained a hill giant pulling a siege tower. Archers atop the tower rained arrows down upon the party, but they persevered, and even managed to slay the giant before it wreaked too much trouble with it’s boulder-hurling. Then a pair of orc shamans arrived and concocted a dark ritual on the highest level of the siege tower, with their deaths sealing the pact they summoned forth a terrible creature of shadow and death which quickly turned the tide against the party. With quick action the party began chipping away at the creatures defenses, and the ballista was turned to fire upon this giant creature instead. Even still, Oakblade was brought low, just as Lieutenant Katriana and an attending cleric arrived.Katrianadove at the creature, turning its attention long enough for the party to finish what it started.

After the creature was slain Katriana took up the banner of Tormandir and cried for Dawn and Blood, demanding a charge against the hated orc, who was at that point in mass retreat.



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