With Arthwyndar dead the Swift Wings were set into disarray, and only barely managed to escape through a fortunate turn of events involving fire and wind. After passing through the jails and beneath Hillhaven the party made for the town of Whitecrest, the stronghold of the remaining Swift Wings power.

Upon arriving they found a distraught CorinCorin trying to round the people up to head west, away from the inevitable war that will encompass their city. Stanely, among others argued that were allies to be found that a fight could be made against the Emerald Thorn, the Screaching Hawks and the Red Fist. Corin grudgingly agreed, and sent them to speak with North, who they managed to stir up the best way they knew how. From there they went to speak with a wizard named Kleid, who had his own views of their recent imbuement.

The Tormandirians fled the castle of Hostshield gripping a letter from their dead commander, Ser Alister Courdane. Their every step a constant struggle while trying to reach the civilized lands further east the party fought their share of foes. Eventually they reached Westbrook and had a short respite from their troubles abroad. For that night soldiers of the 7th legion arrived in order to capture them, resulting in a large battle where many powers collided and dealt considerable damage to the life and property of many of the townsfolk.

After making their amends with the constable the party proceeded east. Later to be attacked by a group of smiliarly imbued folks, designated as justicars and ordered to mete out punishment against those who would use their powers for evil. All but a rogue and a warden named Manderlay were slain, the last two were let go.

That night Nefflin, a small flying book arrived to deliver grave news. A great and powerful mage named Cypranostros had passed during his pursuit of a great evil named Cre-Thuul-Uus. The book goes on to explain that the plane on which they reside is a prime staging ground for wars between devils, demons, elementals and other dangerous extraplanar beings. Five seals protect it from unauthorized entry, and Cypranostros was supposed to protect them all. Now that he had died, it was up to the imbued, of which number nearly 100 throughout Dorinea. With this cryptic information, Nefflin offered to provide instruction on the use of Imbuement powers. A harrowing engagement with the elements ensued, leaving both groups weary, but better prepared than before.



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