• Arthwyndar


    The crooked smile and commanding nature of Arthwyndar made him a unique figure within the Clanwealds. His Swift Wings served him well as he carried out his responsibilites as Canori of the Clanwealds.
  • Corin


    This dwarf serves the Swift-Wings with his life and seems to regard Arthwyndar as something closer to family than a leader. His strength at arms is questionable, but his loyalty and wisdom are unmatched.
  • Katriana the Red

    Katriana the Red

    This woman, known as Katriana the Red seems to take great joy in hunting and killing the Imbued across Dorinea.
  • Lieutenant Katriana Silvermist

    Lieutenant Katriana Silvermist

    This elven beauty is both graceful and deadly in and outside of combat. Fiercely loyal to her country and her faith in Bahumat and Corellon. She is second in command of the Hostshield, serving under Ser Alister Courdane.
  • North


    A strong man in his early twenties. His pride in the Swift Wings stirs great emotion within him, he serves as the captain of the defenses of Whitecrest.
  • Ser Alister Courdane

    Ser Alister Courdane

    This lithe human wears plate as easily as silk. His gaze is condemning and powerful. He commands the garrison of Hostshield and is widely regarded as the greatest Tormandirian soldier in a quarter century.
  • Thornwill


    This stout dragonborn serves as a sergeant in the service of the 4th legion. Gruff, yet approachable he is fiercely protective of the soldiers under his command.
  • Zane


    Zane is a half-orc of short stature. He is muscular and wields a massive great-axe with great ferocity. In conversations he is direct and doesn't abide pleasantries. He is clanlord of the Red Fists and Canori of the Clanwealds.