Initiative: 4

Ability Scores

STR: 14 (+2) CON: 12 (+1) DEX: 18 (+4) INT: 11 (+0) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 14 (+2)


AC: 16 FORT: 12 REF: 16 WILL: 12

Hit Points

HP: 24 (12 Bloodied / 6 Surge Value / 7 Surges per day)


Acrobatics: 9 Arcana: 0 Athletics: 7 Bluff: 7 Diplomacy: 2 Dungeoneering: 0 Endurance: 1 Heal: 0 History: 0 Insight: 2 Intimidate: 2 Nature: 2 Perception: 2 Religion: 0 Stealth: 9 Streetwise: 7 Thievery: 10


Adventurer’s Kit Leather Armor Short Sword x2 Gloves of Thievery + 1 42 Ears


Born in a small island community, Kaze spent many of his earliest years detesting the the people and environs surrounding him. Like a majority of the elves that populated the world, the inhabitants of the island, including his family were very much detached from reality. Kaze on the other hand was curious and fascinated by the sounds that would carry over the water to their island. It was not long before Kaze began to sneak away at night, stealing the family boat to venture to the shore and explore the local human villages. Unsure on how the humans would react to his presence, Kaze often scaled trees on the out skirts of the town, and would watch, what he considered a chaotic, livly lifestyle. He would often take notes, and draw what he saw, and then return to his home and practice his findings. As he grew older, his curiosity grew, and Kaze would begin to challenge himself by sneaking further and further into the villages. It was not long before Kaze was venturing into homes, taking things, and storing them away in his own little hideout.

Several years passed and Kaze’s presence in the village, and his absence from home went un-noticed. By this time venturing into the local towns had becoming boring, almost routine, and life’s pointless venture in his home was driving him mad. He had to escape. After devising a plan, Kaze waited for the next great storm to strike. Upon its arrival, Kaze rowed his boat to the shore, gashed out the hull, and scattered tattered clothing of his about the wreckage. Surely if they thought he was dead, no one would come looking for him. Despite his actions, Kaze still felt regret, he wrapped himself heavily in bandages, and a worn out old cloak, making sure all of his features as a elf were hidden. After taking one last pilfering run through the local village to supply himself with (weapons, food and equipment) Kaze slipped himself into a passing caravan. . .destination unknown.


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