Creating a new Character

This page will guide you through character creation.

For those of you who are new to 4th edition D&D and are trying to determine which classes to play, each class in D&D falls into one of four roles.

1. Defender – This role focuses on absorbing damage and getting the attention of enemies as well as moving either themself or the monster around the board a little bit. Seldom does this role produce a ton of damage, but that’s not exactly what it is for. Fighters, Paladins, Wardens, Battleminds etc…

2. Striker – This role focuses on dealing damage to one enemy. There are melee strikers and ranged strikers and each of them have unique ways of dealing additional damage or being especially effective in the damage category. Rogues, Sorcerers, Rangers, Avengers etc…

3. Leader – This role focuses on buffing allies and providing healing and temporary hit points for party members. They have some damage capabilities and usually use particular damage types that make them more effective. Each leader will play very differently. Clerics, Warlords, Shamans etc…

4. Controller – This role focuses on dealing damage to many enemies at once, and debuffing groups as well. It is a vital class to play but sometimes can be more challenging than other roles as it requires you to coordinate with allies to make sure that enemies are clustered together, then you need to make sure you don’t slice your allies up with your AOE attacks! Wizard, Druid etc….

And on to character creation.

Players may use any official WotC books: PHB1 PHB2 PHB3 MP1 MP2 PP1 etc… Dragon Magazine articles do not count as official books and cannot be used.

Stats are handled using one of the arrays listed in the PHB and the character builder. We do not roll stats anymore in 4th edition.

Players start play with 100 gold worth of equipment that must be spent in order to purchase gear. You do not get more and you do not begin with a magic item of any kind unless you purchased it with your starting gold.

1 Background choice is fine. The player and GM will work together to make sure that it fits into the setting of the world. Documentation on the world and starting area will be going up shortly on this wiki.

Creating a new Character

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