The Clanwealds

Clanwealds The windswept and rocky hills and pastures of the northern realm are known as the Clanwealds. It is a remote environment that breeds strong men and women. These clans are autonomous in most ways except for the single uniting “Canori” or Clan Leader. The leader of any clan may choose to participate in the Grand Melee during the Clansmeet each year. The winner of the grand melee becomes the Canori for the following year. Currently the Canori is Arthwyndar of the Swift Wing clan.

Currently over two dozen clans comprise the Clanwealds, and these clans consist of humans, elves, dwarves, goblins and goliaths. Racial enmity for these folk are largely done away with as the clans while they are happy to raid along eachothers borders they come together easily in a time of threat from without. It is not uncommon to see dwarves, elves and goblins drinking from the same cask during the Clansmeet or one of the other festivals.

Gnolls have taken to hiding in the hills of the Clansweald and striking out when they can for a bit of flesh once and again. These disorganized scavengers are the remains of a larger attacking force that broke themselves against the united clans a decade ago, their stragglers and newborn are still be fought today as they never seemed to find their way back to the south from which they came.

While there are villages large enough to be called a true city, or capital, the clansmeet is always held in the sacred mountain fortress of Kildon. It is the responsibility of the Canori to post his warriors at Kildon to keep it safe during off-seasons when no-one else wants to brave the cold. During the warmer weather Kildon becomes a bustling center of trade, which peaks in the summer season during the Clansmeet which is always held here.

The Clanwealds

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