Tormandir Tormandir exists nobly in an arid plain. For centuries it has contested with orc and troll tribes that thrive in the Salt Marshes along the southern coast and Foe Teeth mountains that comprise much of the countries northwestern border. Tormandir is a fading star in the realm, as it’s typically pious stance with other realms has left it bereft of strong allies. King Grathlen Stonefall has done much to ease the tensions with Kaelsedeni but the folk of that realm have their own hardships and cannot commit serious support to Tormandir. The people of the kingdom shoulder the burden, and many of their young feed the ranks of the legions that defend the realm from the constant threat of incursion.

Tormandir is considered to be the oldest of all the settlements on the continent, being constructed over elven ruins, and then dwarven ones. It is a mecca for countless religions, and it is not uncommon to find pilgrims traveling the dangerous roads to and from Leneasa. Leneasa serves as the cultural heart of the kingdom where the spires of a dozen cathedrals devoted to various deities and principles reach for the heavens themselves.

Adventurers seeking fame and fortune in this old realm are welcome, as are their stories. Goods from outside Tormandir sell for a great deal within the Kingdom, sugar, tobacco, precious metals and various alchemical components are difficult to locate in the dry realm.

Citizens of Tormandir are raised with one fundamental understanding above all else. This is enforced by all stories of Tormandirian heroes: To give ones life for another is the most worthy and noble act anyone can commit. This core idealogy is what propels the Kingdom ever forward despite being under constant siege from orc and troll forces. Tormandir rebuilds, sacrifices what is necessary and strikes back.


Dorinea Elwick